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hotness...love oem mods...and innovative add-ons... in the middle of another one on the Expedition as well to add a visteon HD Radio and permanent mount for my Nuvi... you should send this to Joe as all he does is read about mods for his Civic Si... frikken asians / asian lovers and their Hondas! (i.e. you and Joe)


Haha, thanks. Gotta do all the OE hotness. I'm now in the process of installing a bunch of NVH material in the car. Soon it will be the only quiet Fit on the road...LOL.


Awesome post, and it looks factory fresh. CollegeHillsHonda has several podcasts and regular clearance deals. Occasionally I drag my crap magnet through their website for HFP and other OEM accessory discounts. Dan your jealousy is showing.


Thanks Joe! We both know that Asians rule :) That's why Dan's so jealous.

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